Fall/Winter Timetable

Undergraduate Course Offerings for Fall/Winter 2005-06

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100-level courses

Course Code * Title Section Instructor(s) Room TimeEnrol **Syllabus
POL103Y1YCanada in Comparative PoliticsL0101KopsteinTBATBA
POL103Y1YCanada in Comparative PoliticsL5101HaddowTBATBA
POL108Y1YGlobal NetworksDeibert,

200-level courses

Course Code * Title Section Instructor(s) Room TimeEnrol **Syllabus
POL200Y1YPolitical Theory: Visions of the Just/Good SocietyL5101OrwinTBATBA
POL200Y1YPolitical Theory: Visions of the Just/Good SocietyL0101Chambers,
POL201H1YPolitics of DevelopmentHandleyTBATBA
POL203Y1YU.S. Government and PoliticsLippincottTBATBA
POL208H1YIntroduction to International RelationsL0101GiladyTBATBA
POL208H1YIntroduction to International RelationsL5201GiladyTBATBA
POL215Y1YPolitics and Transformation of Asia-PacificDonnelly,

300-level courses

Course Code * Title Section Instructor(s) Room TimeEnrol **Syllabus
POL301Y1YGovernment and Politics in AfricaHandleyTBATBA
JHP304Y1YUkraine: Politics, Economy and SocietyMagocsiTBATBA
POL305Y1YPolitics and Society in Latin AmericaFonsecaTBATBA
POL312Y1YCanadian Foreign PolicyKirtonTBATBA
POL313Y1YPolitics and PsychologyFletcherTBATBA
JPS315H1FLGBTQ PoliticsRaysideTBATBA
POL316Y1YContemporary Canadian FederalismCarelessTBATBA
POL317Y1YComparative Public PolicyWongTBATBA
POL318H1FCanada and the Global Challenge Since 9/11, Part I: NAFTAClarksonTBATBA
POL320Y1YModern Political ThoughtTBATBATBA
POL321H1FEthnic Politics in Comparative PerspectiveSchwartzTBATBA
POL324H1SThemes in European PoliticsHansenTBATBA
POL334H1FQuebec Politics and Social ChangeHaddowTBATBA
POL335H1FPolitics and Government of JapanDonnellyTBATBA
POL341H1FCanada and the Global Challenge since 9/11, Part II: The WTOClarksonTBATBA
POL342H1FCulture and Identity in World PoliticsJungTBATBA
JPP343H1YWomen in Western Political ThoughtNedelsky,
POL344Y1FSocial Movements in Europe and North AmericaRaysideTBATBA
POL349H1SGlobal Urban PoliticsBenjamin,
POL354Y1YPolitics and Society in RussiaSchwartzTBATBA
POL356Y1YCanadian Political PartiesSteinTBATBA
POL395H1FResearch ParticipationKirtonTBATBA
POL397Y1YResearch ParticipationClarksonTBATBA

400-level courses

Course Code * Title Section Instructor(s) Room TimeEnrol **Syllabus
POL401H1HDynamics of the Global Trade SystemClarksonTBATBA
POL417Y1YThe Third World in International PoliticsGnamoTBATBA
POL420Y1YElements of United States Foreign PolicyRubinoffTBATBA
POL427H1FThe Spirit of Democratic CitizenshipHorowitzTBATBA
POL438H1FTopics in Comparative Politics I: Politics of IdentityHansenTBATBA
POL438H1FTopics in Comparative Politics I: Politics and the Economy in Industrialized DemocraciesJungTBATBA
JPD439Y1YPost-Modern and Contemporary ThoughtCookTBATBA
POL439H1HThe Canadian Welfare State in Comparative PerspectiveHaddowTBATBA
POL440Y1YThe Politics of Transition in Eastern EuropeBraunTBATBA
POL441H1HTopics in Asian PoliticsBenjaminTBATBA
POL442H1HTopics in Latin American PoliticsTBATBATBA
POL450H1FWomen and PoliticsBashevkinTBATBA
POL458H1FThe Political Economy of International TradeNorrlofTBATBA
POL459Y1YThe Military Instrument of Foreign PolicyBraunTBATBA
POL469H1HEthics and International RelationsBertoldiTBATBA
POL470Y1YContemporary Issues in Foreign PolicyWrightTBATBA
POL486H1FTopics in International Politics IMatthewsTBATBA

* For an explanation of any course codes see Codes Used in Timetable Listings.

** P = Priority; E = Department’s Permission; P* = Priority, with various capacity for the different enrolment controls.

The course syllabi listed on this site are not necessarily the final versions and should not be taken as binding. Course syllabi may be altered subsequent to their being posted here. Students are responsible for attending classes and making themselves aware of the adjustments made to the syllabus.