PhD Job Placement

Our PhD students receive sophisticated and flexible graduate training that prepares them well to compete for academic positions, postdoctoral fellowships, as well as careers with the government, NGO’s and the private-sector, both in Canada and abroad. Below is a list of some of our recent graduate placements.

Khalid AhmedComparative Development2018Lecturer, University of Toronto
Safiyyah AllyPolitical Theory 2018Executive Producer, 'Let the Quran Speak'
Sude Beltan
Comparative Development2018Policy Analyst, Intergovernmental Committee on Urban Regional Research
Geoffrey Cameron
Comparative Politics2018Director of Public Affairs, Baha’i Community of Canada
Yi-Chun Chien
Political Theory2018Assistant Professor, National Chengchi University
Adrienne Davidson Canadian Government2018Postdoctoral Fellow, Queens University
Jonathan Kent
International Relations2018Research Fellow, The World Refugee Council
Christopher LaRoche
International Relations2018Central European University
Jonathan Melchiorre Comparative Politics2018Assistant Professor, Universidad de los Andes
Heather Millar
Comparative Politics2018Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Ottawa
Alexandre Pelletier
Comparative Politics2018Postdoctoral Fellow, Cornell University
Lior Sheffer
Comparative Politics2018Assistant Professor, Tel Aviv University
Semir Teshale
Comparative Politics2018Senior Research Associate, Institue for Security Studies
Clifton van der Linden
International Relations 2018Assistant Professor, McMaster University
Pinar Dokumaci
Political Theory2017Postdoctoral Fellow, University of York
Gregory Eady Comparative Development2017Postdoctoral Associate, New York University's Social Media and Political Participation (SMaPP) Lab
Beth Jean EvansInternational Relations2017Consultant, Environmental Resources Management
Aarie GlasInternational Relations2017Assistant Professor, Northern Illinois University
Maxime Heroux-Legault Canadian Government2017Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia
Kate Korycki
Comparative Industrial2017Postdoctoral Fellow, Queen's University
Jean Lachapelle
Comparative International Relations2017Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan

Matthew Lesch

Canadian Government2017Research Fellow, University of York
Daniella Levy-Pinto
Comparative Development2017Coordinator, National Network for Equitable Library Service
Lindsay Mahon
Political Theory 2017Postdoctoral Fellow, Emory College of Arts and Science
Juan Pereira Marsiaj
Comparative - Development2017Senior Quality Assurance Advisor, Indigenous Advanced Education and Skills Council (IAESC)
Emma Planinc
Political Theory2017Asssistant Professor, University of Notre Dame
David Polansky
Political Theory2017Analyst, RBC
Simon Pratt
International Relations2017 Lecturer, Politics and International Studies, University of Bristol
Lincoln Rathnam
Political Theory2017Assistant Professor, Duke University
Nick RudermanCanadian Government2017Assistant Professor, Concordia University
Tina Rupcic
Political Theory2017Assistant Professor, Concordia
Daniel SchillingerPolitical Theory2017Visiting Research Fellow, University of Richmond
Igor Shoikhedbrod
Political Theory2017Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto
Craig Damian Smith
International Relations2017Associate Director, Global Migration Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy
Gabriel ArsenaultCanadian Government2016Assistant Professor, University of Moncton
Robert BallingallPolitical Theory 2016Assistant Professor, University of Maine
Kiran BanerjeePolitical Theory2016Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan
Elinor Bray-Collins
Comparative Development2016Professor, Humber College
Kristin Cavoukian
Comparative Industrial2016Sessional Lecturer, University of Toronto
Simona Chiose
Comparative Industrial2016Senior Policy Advisor, University of Toronto

Megan Dersnah
International Relations2016Director of Policy, Right to Play
Alena Driescho
International Relations2016Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University
Wilfrid GreavesInternational Relations2016Assistant Professor, University of Victoria
Dov Kanengisser Comparative Development2016Senior Policy Advisor, Ontario Ministry of Health
Andrew McDougall

Canadian Government2016Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Jose Parra
Political Theory2016Lecturer, Universidad Externado de Colombia
Jerald SabinCanadian Government2016Assistant Professor, Bishops University
Paul Thomas
Canadian Government2016Senior Research Associate, The Samara Centre for Democracy
Arjun Tremblay
Comparative Industrial2016Assistant Professor, University of Regina
Dorina VerliPolitical Theory2016Program Officer, SSHRC
Gustavo Carvalho
International Relations2015Researcher, Environmental Governance Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy
Andrea Cassatella Theory2015Postdoctoral Fellow, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Yannick Dufresne
Canadian Government 2015Assistant Professor, Université Laval
Joelle Dumouchel
International Relations2015Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen
Sarah-Sophie FlemigComparative Development2015Chief Executive, The Cattanach Charitable Trust
David GordonInternational Relations2015Assistant Professor, UC Santa Cruz
David HouleCanadian Government2015Public Policy Analyst, Public Sector
Jennifer HoveComparative Development 2015Manager, Education Quality and Accountability Office
Merom Kalie
Theory2015Teacher, Massuah Institute for Holocaust Studies
Olga Kesarchuk
Comparative Development2015Business Officer, University of Toronto
Jamie Levin
International Relations2015Assistant Professor, St. Francis Xavier University
Douglas Joseph MacKay
International Relations2015Research Fellow, Australia National University
Matthieu Mondou
Comparative Politics2015Adviser, Public Policy, Innovation & Sustainability, Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation
Michael Pelz
Comparative Politics2015Senior Policy Advisor, Government of Ontario
Cameron Sabadoz
Political Theory2015Contract Faculty, Carleton University
Abraham Singer
Political Theory2015Assistant Professor, Loyola University Chicago
Zachary Taylor
Canadian Government 2015Assistant Professor, Western University
Hamish van der Ven
IR2015Assistant Professor, McGill University
Leslie WeePolitical Theory2015Instructor, George Brown College