Core Courses

Each field has core course requirements which must be taken by students who have chosen the field as one of their fields of study. Core courses attempt to provide an overview of the field, though with some variation from year to year, reflecting the views of instructors and changes in the literature. Field 1 core requirements are normally taken in year 1 and Field 2 requirements in year 2.

The Core courses are as follows:


POL2100H            Issues and Foundations in Canadian Government

And one of the following:

POL2104H            Political Analysis in Canadian and Comparative Politics
POL2105H            Canadian and Comparative Political Development


POL2700H            Foundations and Approaches to Comparative Politics

And one of the following:

POL2701H            Comparative Institutional Politics:  Governance, Parties, and Structures of State Power
POL2702H            Constituent Power in Comparative Perspective:  Identity, Contention, and Mobilization

Development Studies

POL2400H            Theories and Issues – The Politics of Development

International Relations

POL2200Y            International Politics

Political Theory

POL2000H            Ancient Political Thought to the Rise of Modernity
POL2002H            Modern and Contemporary Political Thought

Public Policy

POL2318H            Public Policy:  Theories and Approaches
POL2319H            Public Policy:  Applications