Graduate Department Academic Appeals Committee (GDAAC)

Academic Appeals: Graduate

  • Graduate students may dispute substantive or procedural academic matters, including grades, evaluation of comprehensive examinations and other program requirements, decisions about the student’s continuation in any program, or concerning any other decision with respect to the application of academic regulations and requirements to a student. Students must first attempt to resolve the matter with the instructor or other person whose ruling is in question.
  • Should the matter not be resolved and should the student wish to pursue it, the student should discuss the matter with the Graduate Director & Associate Graduate Chair, Theresa Enright.

The Graduate Department Academic Appeals Committee (GDAAC) is responsible for the appeal process. An appeal may be conducted as an oral hearing or by written submission, at the discretion of the Chair of the Committee. More information is available on the SGS website or by contacting the Chair of the GDAAC.

GDAAC Membership 2022/2023:

  • David Cook – Chair of the Committee
  • Mary Johanna Macdonald (student rep)
  • Noel Anderson
  • Martha Balaguera