Important Dates

Dates Tentative – June 20th, 2023

June 30, 2023President's Day (University closed)
July 10, 2023Final date to enroll in July-August S courses
July 17, 2023Registration for fall session opens.
July 28, 2028Final date to drop July-August S section courses without academic penalty
August 7, 2023Civic Holiday (University closed)
September 1, 2023Recommended tuition fee payment deadline to ensure payment is received by the deadline of September 16

Registration for Graduate Level PolSci courses opens
Sept 4, 2023Labour Day (University closed)
September 7, 2023Joint Undergraduate/Graduate courses begin
September 8, 2023TA Orientation Workshop #1
September 15, 2023Registration for Fall session ends
September 20, 2023Final date to register for Fall/Full-Year courses
September 29, 2023Final date to submit PhD theses to SGS to avoid the fee charges for 2019-20
October 9, 2023Thanksgiving Day (University closed)
November 6, 2023Final date to drop fall session full or half courses without academic penalty
December 6, 2023Last day of class for Fall session
December 21, 2023 until
January 2, 2024
University closed for Holidays
January 8, 2024Deadline to apply for PhD program
January 8, 2024Winter courses begin. Full-Year courses resume
January 15, 2024Deadline to apply for MA program

January 15, 2024Deadline to submit PhD thesis without fee payment for January session
January 19, 2024Deadline for receipt of degree recommendations for MA students without fees being charged for January session (applies to only 2nd year+ students).

Deadline to request degree conferral in absentia for March
January 22, 2024Final date to add winter session courses
February 19, 2024Family Day (University closed)
February 20-23, 2024Reading Week (University is open but no classes)
February 20, 2024Deadline to drop second-term or full-year courses without academic penalty
March 29, 2024Good Friday (University closed)
April 5, 2024Classes end
April 12, 2024Deadline for instructors to submit final grades to Grad Office for second-term and full-year courses for MA students convocating in June

Deadline for final PhD theses submission for degrees to be conferred at June Convocation.

Deadline for MAs to be recommended for graduation for degrees to be conferred at June convocation.
May 15, 2024Field Exams - Canadian Politics, Comparative Politics
May 16, 2024Field Exams - Political Theory, Public Policy
May 17, 2024Field Exams - Development Studies, International Relations
August 14, 2024Major Field Exams - Canadian, Comparative, IR, Theory, Public Policy, Development Studies