POL FYF Seminars

POL First-Year Foundation Seminars (2020-2021)


Please note

Only 0.5 FCEs First-Year Foundation Seminar Offered by Political Science can be used for entry and/or first-year completion requirements for the POL Minor/Major/Specialist programs.


POL 193 H 1  F: FYF SEMINAR: The Politics of Representation
Instructor: Quinn Albaugh      Day & Time: R 12-2

POL 194  H 1 H: FYF SEMINAR: Race
Not Offered in 2020-21

POL 195 H 1  F: FYF SEMINAR:  Settler Colonialism and Enduring Indigeneity
Instructor: Uahikea Maile       Day & Time: 10-12

POL196  H 1  F: FYF SEMINAR: The China Challenge
Instructor: Victor Falkenheim           Day & Time: T 2-4

POL 197 H 1  S: FYF SEMINAR: Solidarity in Diverse Societies
Instructor: Eric Cheng                        Day & Time: W 2-4

POL 198 Y 1  Y: FYF SEMINAR:  Social Justice and the City
Not Offered in 2020-21 

POL 199  H 1 H: FYF SEMINAR: Utopias and Dystopias
Not Offered in 2020-21