Hire a University of Toronto Ph.D.

The students listed here are currently on the market for positions in political science and related disciplines. We are confident that you will find your next colleague on this list. Our students have received extensive training in both the substance and the methods of political science. All of our candidates have passed rigorous field examinations and been advised by committees made up of some of the best scholars in the discipline. The breadth of the department’s offerings has prepared them to speak to diverse audiences and to address big questions with rigour.

That training has served them well, and they have already compiled impressive records of research and teaching. They have won numerous awards and grants, published important contributions in their fields, and served the department and our university in numerous capacities.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information on our current students and on how they might help meet the needs of your institution or feel free to contact them directly by clicking through to their individual profile.

PhD Placement Advisors:


Sanjida AminInternational Relations; Comparative Politics
Amir Abdul RedaComparative Politics; Political Theory
Zachariah BlackPolitical Theory; Canadian Politics
Etienne Cardin-TrudeauPolitical Theory; Canadian Politics
Neekoo CollettInternational Relations; Comparative Politics
Nicolas ConservaComparative Politics; Public Policy
Isabela Dos SantosPolitical Theory; International Relations
Charles DumaisCanadian Politics; Political Theory
Aden Dur-E-AdenInternational Relations; Comparative Politics
Stefan FerraroCanadian Politics; International Relations
Alexandre Fortier-ChouinardComparative Politics; Canadian Politics
Kelsey GordonPolitical Theory; Comparative Politics
Md. Mujahedul IslamComparative Politics; Public Policy
Penn JavdanPolitical Theory; Comparative Politics
Blake Lee-WhitingCanadian Politics; Public Policy
Gamal MansourComparative Politics; International Relations
Yojana Miraya-OsccoComparative Politics; Development Studies
Michael MotalaInternational Relations; Comparative Politics
Alfred OduroInternational Relations; Development Studies
Matthew PalynchukPolitical Theory;
International Relations
Michaela Pedersen-MacNabInternational Relations; Comparative Politics
Nicolas SaldiasComparative Politics; Development Studies
Rachel WagnerPolitical Theory; International Relations
Cheng XuInternational Relations; Development Politics