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Dur-e-Aden, Aden


A Comparative and Gendered Analysis of Mobilizers vs. Non-Mobilizers within Radical (Right-Wing and Islamist) Groups in Canada


Aden is a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science at University of Toronto. Her major and minor fields are International Relations and Comparative Politics respectively. Her PhD research focuses on comparing the recruits and non-recruits within the radical (far-right and Islamist) groups in Canada through a gendered lens. Her dissertation asks the following question: what stops someone from joining a radical group, even when all the risk factors are present? Aden is a SSHRC CGS Doctoral Scholar, a Junior Affiliate at the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society (TSAS), and a Student Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute. Along with her PhD studies, she has completed multiple student terms for federal departments such as Public Safety, Global Affairs, and the Department of National Defence. Her goal is to bridge the academic/policy divide by gaining experience in both domains.

She obtained her MA in Political Science from UBC, and her MA thesis was titled: “To drone or not to drone: A comparative analysis of the effectiveness of the US’s drone policy of targeted killing in the contexts of Pakistan and Yemen.” She also holds a BA in Political Science from UBC.


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Research Interests

International Relations, Comparative Politics, Far-Right Extremism, Gendered Recruitment Patterns, Civil Wars, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism.

Previous Degrees

MA in Political Science (2015) – University of British Columbia
BA in Political Science (2013) – University of British Columbia

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant, University of British Columbia, Department of Political Science (2013-2015): Political Science 260: Introduction to International Relations; Political Science 360: Security Studies; Political Science 323: South Asian Politics; WRDS 150/ASTU 204: Academic Research and Writing

Sessional Instructor, Columbia College, Department of Political Science (Summer 2016): Political Science 100: Introduction to Canadian Politics.

Teaching Assistant, University of Toronto, Department of Political Science (2015-present): Political Science 208: Introduction to International Relations; Political Science 201: Politics of Development: Issues and Controversies.