Enrollment Restrictions

Enrollment window for Political Science Graduate Students:

All fall (H1F), full/year (Y1Y) and spring term (H1S) courses administered through the Department of Political Science will have an enrollment  window exclusively for political science graduate students.  For fall and full year courses the window will be September 1st through 14th and for spring term courses , September 1st through January 11th.  Please ensure that you enroll in courses you are interested in during that window if possible. There is an additional week of enrollment in both terms, however, from September 15th to the 21st for fall/winter courses and Jan 12th through 18th for spring term courses, during which enrollment may open up to students on wait lists and those from outside the department if instructors indicate they would like us to do so and provided there is space in the classroom.


For the courses noted below, because they are funded by CERES, we reserve spots in the restricted periods noted above for CERES graduate students only.  Spots may open up to grad students in political science and other departments during the week prior to the add deadline provided instructors are willing and there is space .

  • JRA2321H1F Topics in Comparative Politics V: Welfare Capitalism in Western Europe
  • JRA2321H1S Topics in Comparative Politics V: Western and Central Europe in the 20th Centure
  • JRA2337H1F Government, Law and Politics in Russia
  • JRA2391H1S Topics in Comparative Politics IV:  The Politics of Immigration in Europe and North America
Enrolment window for students registered in departments other than Political Science:

As per the date ranges note above, students not registered in the department will have an opportunity to enroll in Political Science courses after September 15th, 2020 for fall and full year courses and January 12th, 2021 for spring term courses.   If you are a graduate student in another department interested in taking a political science course you are welcome to attend and wait to see what happens with enrollments.  Let the instructor know you are interested in participating in the course.  Instructors will let the Department of Political Science Graduate Office know by noon on September 15th for fall and full year course and by noon on January 12th for spring term courses, if they would like spots opened for additional enrollment.  Provided there is space in the classroom, you may be able to enroll by September 21st/January 18th via ACORN