Instructions for 400 Level

Attention:       4th year POL Majors, Specialists and Joint POL Specialists

The Faculty of Arts and Science started requiring students enrolled in a Major Program to have at least a 0.5 course at the 400-level, thus requiring the Department of Political Science to move to a new registration system to allocate spaces in their 400-level courses.  This step was taken to ensure that 4th year POL Majors, Specialists and Joint POL Specialists are able to enrol in the required number of 400-level courses needed for program completion.

To best match up the available classes with students’ preferences and to ensure that you can complete your POL program requirements in order to graduate in June 2020, we need you to rank in order your preferred 400 –level courses.

Between June 3 and June 24, 2019, please go to and rank your course preference.  Login will be based on your UTORid.  The site will be open and available until June 24 2019.  You can modify your course preferences/ranking anytime from June 3 and June 24, 2019.

A Guide to Using Course Match (POL students)

Please Note:

  • In order to maximise your chances of securing a place in a course (Majors need 0.5; Specialists need 1.0) from your list of preferences, you are strongly advised by the Department to select the maximum number of course preferences.
  • All students must ensure they have the required prerequisites for the courses they have ranked in their preferences. Do not assume that being able to register in a 400-level course means that you have satisfied the prerequisites.   Prerequisites are not checked at the time of enrolment, however prerequisites will subsequently be checked by the Department and students enrolled in courses for which they do not have the published prerequisites may have their registration in those courses canceled at any time. The Department may not be able to assist you if you were assigned a space in a course for which you lacked the prerequisites and were subsequently removed from that course.
  • Students who have completed the required number of 400-level courses needed for POL program completion will not have access to the website to rank course preference.
  • There is no guarantee you will receive your preferred course(s). The system will attempt to most optimally match up students’ preferences with the available slots but there are many students to accommodate.
  • Students will be enrolled into their assigned course(s) on ACORN immediately before registration begins on July 10, 2019. Starting July 10, 2019, students may request to enroll (space permitting) or waitlist additional courses on ACORN. However please note that almost all POL 400-level courses are offered as joint undergraduate – graduate seminars, with class size approximately 20-25 students.   If you are more than #3 on the waitlist for POL 400-level courses, it is unlikely you will be able to enroll in the course and you may want to look at other options.