Undergraduate Awards celebrate ‘the best young scholars we are privileged to teach.’

January 29, 2020

Congratulations to all our amazing undergraduate students who picked up one the department’s twenty-three awards and scholarships at our annual undergraduate awards ceremony. In attendance were Dean of Arts & Science Professor Melanie Woodin, donor Anne Dupré, Political Science staff and faculty, and many proud parents.

Associate Chair and Undergraduate Director Dickson Eyoh, who was the M.C. for the celebrations said: “As the preeminent Political Science Department in Canada and one of the top ranked globally, we remain committed to being a leader in research and education in our discipline. Undergraduate education is core to our mission. The incredible young women and men from all corners of Canada and the world, all with unique biographies, make advancing this mission a delight. This event recognizes and pays tribute to some of the best young scholars we are privileged to teach.”

Some students took the time to reflect on what their awards and scholarships mean to them:

Mohammad Faaris Hussain: “The J. Stefan Dupré Book Prize means a great deal to me as it is a mark of recognition for my hard work. It motivates me to be ambitious and work hard to enhance our department’s reputation and prestige as one of the premier Universities for Political Science in North America.”

Christine Ze Yan Sun: “I feel tremendously fortunate to be sharing institutional recognition alongside some of the most prominent undergraduate students in this department. The Professor Frank Peers Award for International Study and Experience has allowed me to realise my ambitions and participate in truly formative experiences. I would like to extend my gratitude to Professor George J.S. Dei and Professor Kolawole Raheem for their continued support. Their encouragement gave me the confidence to present research at an international level this past December in Ghana where it was an honour and privilege to learn amongst Black scholars and critical thinkers alike.”

Stefanie Haas: “The Professor Frank Peers Award for International Study and Experience symbolizes infinite international possibilities. This award encourages me to continually push to learn about other countries, cultures, international political differences, and to never be single-minded. It has pushed my imagination and thirst for knowledge into every part of the globe, and I intend to learn and explore it as much as I can. True wisdom stems from real life experiences and taking every triumph and failure as a lesson.”

Armin Safavi-Naini: “The Rabbi Isserman Prize was the culmination of a year of hard work across two courses on various aspects of Afrikaner history, especially nationalism. It is an area of study I am continuing to pursue. I’m very thankful that what I’ve done so far merits recognition which encourages me to continue learning about such a politicized but vital part of South African history.”

For more information on the awards and a complete list of the 2018/2019 award winners visit here.

Photo: Rabbi Isserman Prize winners Armin Safavi-Naini and Alyssa Meagan Da Costa with Arts & Science Dean Melanie Woodin.