Admission Requirements

MA Program

Applicants should show the potential for excellent scholarship, an academic record with at least a few grades of A- or better (or the equivalent in those systems using different standards) in several upper year political science courses, and enthusiastic letters of reference from former professors. The minimum requirement for admission is a cumulative grade point average of B+ in a four-year bachelor’s program including a B+ average over five to eight suitably distributed full-year political science courses (of which at least one ought to be in Political Theory). Enrolment in the program is limited, and meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Students applying to an interdisciplinary program should also contact the collaborative programs directly to determine whether or not it is necessary to meet any additional admission requirements.

Students are advised not to pursue all three degrees at the University of Toronto. We recommend that students who recently completed a BA at the University of Toronto, and who are considering PhD work in the department, consider pursuing MA work elsewhere. Please consult the MA Supervisor for further information

PhD Program

Admission to the PhD program is offered only to excellent students who have either completed an MA degree in political science (or the equivalent) by the time of enrolment or have completed the equivalent of a four-year BA with a concentration in political science by the time of enrolment. Only exceptional students will be admitted directly to the PhD program from the BA. Applicants from both levels are expected to have achieved grades averaging A- or better in their most recent degree.

Students applying to an interdisciplinary program should contact that program directly, in addition to submitting materials to the Department.

Proof of Language Proficiency

International students whose first language is not English must submit an English language test score. The test must be written and the score sent to the Department before a final decision will be made on an application. The most commonly submitted score is the TOEFL. Acceptable TOEFL scores are as follows: the traditional paper-based format (minimum score of 580 and TWE 5.0); computer-based test (minimum score of 237 and TWE 5.0); and the newer internet-based test (minimum overall score of 93 with a writing score of at least 22 and a speaking score of at least 22). The Test of Written English (TWE) is required (not optional). Besides TOEFL, there are other language proficiency exams that will be accepted as proof of language proficiency. Test scores more than two years old cannot be used.

For more information see the School of Graduate Studies English Facility Requirements.