FAQ / Grad Links

When is the next application deadline?
Is the GRE an application requirement?
Does the Department admit students to a January session?
Does the Department offer part-time programs?
Does consideration for a collaborative program require a separate application?
Do MA students receive funding?
Who is in the ‘funded cohort’?
How long does it take to complete the program?
How do I apply to be a non-degree student?
What will it cost to study in Toronto?
If I am applying from another country how do I compare my grades and degree(s)?
What if I do not meet the admission requirements?
Do I need to find a supervisor before I am admitted to the program?
Is there any way to improve my chances of admission if I do not have a strong background in undergraduate political science courses?
Once I arrive on campus, how and when will I determine my selection of courses?
In applying to the MA program, which topics or issues should I address in my statement of purpose?
What is the minimum GPA for entrance to the MA program? What if my academic record has improved considerably over the course of my undergraduate career?