Political Science Specialist

Completion Requirements:  Political Science Specialist (ASSPE2015)

The Specialist Program in Political Science is designed to ensure that students who complete it have a good grounding in the discipline.  It requires ten credits in Political Science taken as part of a twenty credits degree program.

The following requirements are effective for all students registering in the program as of March 1, 2020.

(10.0 POL credits. Of these, 3.0 credits must be 300+ level courses and 1.0 credit must be 400 level.)

First Year:

1.0 credit in POL courses at the 100-level
Of which only a maximum of 0.5 credit may come from POL First-year Foundation Seminars or First-Year Seminars Offered by other units approved by POL  – POL193H1, POL194H1, POL195H1, POL196H1, POL197H1, POL198H1, MUN101H1, MUN102H1, TRN151Y1, TRN160Y1, TRN162Y1, TRN172Y1, VIC110H1, VIC121H1, VIC167H1, VIC168H1, VIC181H1, VIC183H1, VIC184H1, VIC185H1, WDW151H1, WDW152H

Higher Years:
  1. POL200Y1
  2. 0.5 credit from: POL201H1 or POL208H1 or POL218H1
  3. POL214H1 or POL224H1 and 0.5 credit at the 200+ level in Canadian Politics from JPI201H1,POL220H1, POL312H1, POL312Y1, POL313H1, POL316H1, POL316Y1, POL334H1, POL336H1, POL337H1, POL337Y1, POL344H1, POL344Y1, POL351H1, POL353H1, POL356H1, POL356Y1, POL363H1, POL382H1, POL404Y1, POL428H1, POL439H1, POL450H1, POL467H1, POL474H1, POL490H1, POL491H1
    Some offerings of other POL Special Topics courses that cover Canadian politics may also be eligible as determined by the department. Please see Department’s website https://politics.utoronto.ca/undergraduate/courses/canadian-politics-courses/ for a full listing of Canadian politics courses.
  4. POL222H1
  5. POL232H1
  6. 1.0 credit in Diversity and Identity. The following courses fulfill the Diversity and Identity requirement: POL194H1, POL195H1, POL197H1, POL198H1, POL198Y1, JPI201H1, POL220H1, POL303H1, JPS315H1, POL344H1, POL344Y1, POL351H1, POL353H1, JPR374H1, JPS378H1, POL428H1, POL432H1, POL450H1, JPR458H1, POL467H1.
    Some offerings of other POL Special Topics courses may also be eligible as determined by the department. Please see Department’s website https://politics.utoronto.ca/undergraduate/courses/diversity-identity-politics-courses/ for a full listing of Diversity and Identity courses.
  7. POL320Y1, or 0.5 credit in Quantitative Methods or Qualitative Methods at the 300+ level from: POL304H1, POL419H1, POL478H1
  8. Additional POL courses to a total of 10.0 credits
  • No more than 1.0 credit of 100-level courses may be used to fulfill the program requirements.
  • No more than 1.0 credit of NON-POL courses approved for POL program requirements may be used to fulfill the program requirements.  See list of NON-POL courses at https://politics.utoronto.ca/undergraduate/courses/non-political-science-courses/
  • Some courses may contribute to both the Canadian Politics and Diversity and Identity requirements (in requirements 3 and 6).
  • The Department will accept the courses below as a substitute for POL 222H1. Please contact Elizabeth Jagdeo at e.jagdeo@utoronto.ca.
    • ECO 220Y1- Introduction to Data Analysis and Applied Econometrics
    • GGR 270H1 – Introductory Analytical Methods
    • PSY 201H1- Statistics I
    • SOC 202H1 – Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Sociology
    • STA 220H1 – The Practice of Statistics I

The groups of courses below are posted on the Department of Political Science Website https://politics.utoronto.ca/undergraduate/courses/fallwinter-timetable/

  • Political Science 100-level courses
  • Political Science First-year Foundation Seminars
  • First-Year Seminars Offered by other units approved by POL
  • Canadian Politics Courses
  • Diversity and Identity Courses
  • Quantitative Methods Courses
  • Qualitative Methods Courses
  • NON-POL Courses approved for POL Program requirements

In addition to completing the above program requirements, students must also fulfill the degree requirements to graduate.  Information on the degree requirements are outlined in the Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar.

Students with questions relating to the degree requirements should consult with their College Registrar.