Fall/Winter Timetable

Graduate Course Offerings for Fall/Winter 2008-09

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1000-level courses

Course Code * Title Section Instructor(s) Room TimeSyllabus
DGC1000H1FCore Issues in the Dynamics of Global ChangeSteinTBATBA
JHP1289Y1YTwentieth Century UkraineMagocsiTBATBA

2000-level courses

Course Code * Title Section Instructor(s) Room TimeSyllabus
POL2000H1YCore Course: Ancient Political Thought to the Rise of ModernityBalot,
POL2008Y1YThe Political Theory of G.W.F. HegelBrudnerTBATBA
POL2010H1HDemocratic TheoryCunninghamTBATBA
POL2016H1HTopics in Philosophy of LawNedelskyTBATBA
POL2021Y1YComparative Studies in Jewish and Non-Jewish Political ThoughtOrwinTBATBA
POL2024H1HFeminist Theory: Challenges to Legal and Political ThoughtNedelskyTBATBA
POL2028H1FApproaches to Political TheoryNedelskyTBATBA
POL2032H1HJudgement in Law and PoliticsNedelskyTBATBA
JPJ2037H1FInternational Trade RegulationTriadafilopoulosTBATBA
POL2037H1HLaw, Religion, and Public DiscourseNedelskyTBATBA
POL2040H1HHorizons of Political ReflectionBeinerTBATBA
JPJ2046H1SLaw, Institutions and DevelopmentMagocsiTBATBA
JPJ2047H1FComparative Constitutional Law and PoliticsHirschlTBATBA
JPJ2049H1HWomen's Rights in International LawL0101TBATBAM
4:00 -
POL2100H1YCore Course: Issues and Foundations in Canadian GovernmentWhiteTBATBA
JPJ2121H1HFederalism and Governance in CanadaSossinTBATBA
POL2127Y1YMulticulturalism in CanadaForbesTBATBA
POL2139H1HThe Canadian Welfare State in Comparative PerspectiveHaddowTBATBA
POL2200Y1YCore Course: International PoliticsAdler,
POL2205H1STopics in International Politics IMatthewsTBATBA
POL2228H1HDynamics of the Global Trade SystemClarksonTBATBA
POL2229H1FUrban Policy and PolicymakingKirtonTBATBA
POL2230H1SG8 and Global Governance IIKirtonTBATBA
JPD2232H1FGlobal GovernanceKirtonTBATBA
POL2234H1SGlobalization, Internationalization, and Public PolicySkogstadTBATBA
POL2300H1SComparative Politics of Industrial SocietiesHansenTBATBA
POL2316H1FWomen and PoliticsBashevkinTBATBA
POL2317H1FPolitics and Policy AnalysisWhiteTBATBA
POL2318Y1FCore Course: Comparative Public PoliciesBreunigTBATBA
POL2321H1FTopics in Comparative Politics I: Politics and the Economy in Industrialized CountriesHansenTBATBA
POL2321H1FTopics in Comparative Politics I: Politics of IndentityJungTBATBA
POL2322H1FTopics in Comparative Politics IIWayTBATBA
POL2322H1STopics in Comparative Politics II: The Foundations of Political Economy: Theories of State and MarketL0201BreznitzIN 223R
10:00 -
POL2324H1SEthnonationalism and State Building: The Communist and Post-Communist ExperienceSchwartzTBATBA
POL2338H1FInnovation and GovernanceBatheltTBATBA
POL2341H1SPolitical Economy of Transition: Ukraine and the CISHavrylyshynTBATBA
POL2344H1FPolitics of Independent UkraineWayTBATBA
POL2391H1FTopics in Comparative Politics IIITBATBATBA
POL2391H1STopics in Comparative Politics III: The Politics of Immigration in Europe and North AmericaL0101HansenUC 65T
2:00 -
JPJ2394H1HInnovation and Knowledge Transfer in City RegionsWolfeTBATBA
POL2400H1SCore Course: Theories and Issues in the Politics of DevelopmentSandbrookTBATBA
POL2405H1HTopics in Latin American PoliticsTBATBATBA
JPE2408Y1YPolitical Economy of International DevelopmentSandbrookTBATBA
POL2409H1SPolitics and Planning in Third World CitiesBenjaminTBATBA
POL2420H1SGlobalization, Gender and DevelopmentTeichmanTBATBA
POL2502Y1YQuantitative Methods and Data AnalysisFletcherTBATBA
POL2503H1FThinking Through Research DesignForbesTBATBA
POL2505H1SQualitative Methods in Political ResearchSchatzTBATBA
POL2700H1YFoundations and Approaches to Comparative Politics (Core)Bertrand,
POL2800H1FSpecial TopicsTBATBATBA
POL2810Y1YM.A. Research Seminar ISteinTBATBA
POL2811Y1YM.A. Research Seminar IIFalkenheimTBATBA

5000-level courses

Course Code * Title Section Instructor(s) Room TimeSyllabus
HAD5010H1FCanada's Health System and Health Policy - Part IDeberTBATBA