Linda White

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  • Canadian Government
  • Public Policy
  • Comparative Politics


  • B.A., University of Victoria
  • M.A., Queen's University
  • Ph.D., University of Toronto

Linda White

Associate Chair, Special Projects (Awards & Research), Department of Political Science


Linda White is a Professor of Political Science and the School of Public Policy and Governance, and is an affiliate of the Centre for the Study of the United States. Her areas of research include comparative welfare states, comparative social and family policy, particularly education, early childhood education and care, and maternity and parental leave; gender and public policy; ideas, norms, and public policy development; and federalism, law and public policy. She has published extensively on comparative social policy in journals such as Comparative Political Studies, Governance, Journal of European Public Policy, Publius, and Social Politics. She is the author of Constructing Policy Change: Early Childhood Education and Care in Liberal Welfare States (UTP, 2017), among other co-authored and co-edited books. She is currently the Principal Investigator of a SSHRC Insight Grant on school choice and education policy (www.comparativeeducationpolicy.ca); a Co-investigator on a project on the future of work and educational and policy responses (www.futureskillscanada.com); and a Co-investigator on a project on the regulatory implications of parents’ perceptions of risk in child care. Professor White obtained her B.A. (Hons.) from the University of Victoria, her M.A. from Queen’s University, and her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto.

Research Interests

  • Comparative Welfare States
  • Social and Family Policy
  • Gender and Public Policy
  • Ideas, Norms, and Policy Development
  • Federalism, Law, and Public Policy

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