Political Science SSHRC Recipients

September 21, 2016

Congratulations to all of our recently announced Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) award recipients! Faculty from Political Science and their projects are named below:

Connection Grants: 2015-2016 Competition Awards

  • Margaret Kohn ‘Approaches to Public Goods: Solidarity and Social Justice’
  • Robert Vipond & Peter Loewen ‘American, British, and Canadian Political Development: Democratization and Citizenship’
  • Robert Vipond & Peter Loewen ‘The American, British, and Canadian Political Development Workshop: Legislatures and Political Parties’

Insight Grant: October 2015 Competition Award

  • Linda White & Phil Triadafilopoulos ‘The Politics of School Choice: How Financing and Governance Affect Equality of Access in 21st Century Canadian Education Systems’

Insight Development Grants: February 2016 Competition Awards

  • Randy Besco & Erin Tolley ‘When Politicians Attack: Political Participation and Criticism of Minority Groups’
  • Michael Donnelly ‘Interest Group Rhetoric and Immigration Attitudes in Five Countries’
  • Andrea Olive ‘Political Ecology of the Bakken Formation’
  • Robert Schertzer ‘Beyond Counting: Describing and Explaining Ethno-national Representation in Political Institutions Across the Globe’