Women, Politics, and Public Policy: The Political Struggles of Canadian Women, Second Edition

The second edition of Women, Politics, and Public Policy incorporates uniquely Canadian perspectives on the intersectionality of feminism, women’s politics, and public policy-making. After outlining historical contexts and the foundations of feminist theory, the text examines topical, practical issues, offering an approach that is well-suited to both novices and advanced learners. Extensively updated and revised, this comprehensive volume is an essential tool for examining and understanding the many aspects of women’s political activity and its relationship to public policy and social change.

Readership : Women, Politics, and Public Policy is aimed at second- and third-year students studying gender and politics, women and politics, and women and politics in Canada out of political science and women’s studies departments at universities nationwide. (Note that because of the multidisciplinary approach taken in the narrative, readers studying sociology, history, law, and social work may also find the text relevant.)

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