Erin Tolley

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SS 3039

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  • Canadian Government
  • Public Policy


  • MESc,
  • M.A., University of Western Ontario
  • Ph.D., Queen's University

Erin Tolley

Associate Professor


Erin Tolley is the author of Framed: Media and the Coverage of Race in Canadian Politics (UBC Press, 2016). Her research examines the impact of socio-demographic diversity on Canadian politics and political institutions. This includes a Connaught-funded study on the recruitment and nomination of women and racial minority electoral candidates, analysis on the impact of race and gender on vote choice, and a study of the treatment of immigration and multiculturalism in political science textbooks. Her work has appeared in the Canadian Journal of Political Science, the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, and the International Journal of Communication. She is also the co-editor of five books on immigration and multiculturalism in Canada.

Research Interests

  • Canadian Politics
  • Electoral Representation
  • Race and Politics
  • Gender and Politics
  • Media and Politics
  • Immigration and Multiculturalism Policy

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