News.Politics Election Digest

August 4, 2015

Professor Aisha Ahmad:

1. University of Toronto News: Why is the niqab an election issue? Q & A with professor Aisha Ahmad
2. Maclean’s: Why banishing homegrown terrorists will backfire
3. The Huffington Post Canada: Harper’s Conservatives Want to Dupe You Into Fearing Immigrants

Professor Sylvia Bashevkin:

1. The Toronto Star: Women’s issues ‘invisible’ this election, warns group
2. University of Toronto News: Election 2015: how will the cancelled debate on women’s issues affect the campaign? Sylvia Bashevkin explains
3. CBC News: 50% population, 25% representation – Why the parliamentary gender gap?

Professor Stephen Clarkson:

1. Yahoo! News: ‘Trudeaumania’ heir becomes Canada’s next prime minister

Professor Chris Cochrane:

  1. University of Toronto News: Election 2015: On war chests, tactics and end games
  2. University of Toronto News: Election 2015 polling – Political science Prof takes a deeper look at what the data reveals
  3. University of Toronto News: Election 2015: Recession can have major impact on federal election, says U of T political scientist
  4. The Hamilton Spectator: Federal Election: Battle lines drawn in Hamilton ridings
  5. University of Toronto News: Election 2015 polling: still a three-way race despite NDP surge, expert says
  6. University of Toronto News: Election 2015: did anyone win that debate on the economy?
  7. CBC News: Vote Compass: Canadians say rich should pay more tax, divided on how to spur growth
  8. CBC News: Canadians of all stripes oppose face coverings at citizenship ceremonies: Vote Compass
  9. iPolitics: Immigrants are not a monolithic voting block
  10. The Toronto Star: Canadians have had a steady diet of public opinion polls. Are they for the dogs?
  11. New Canadian Media: Courting the ‘Ethnic Vote’
  12. University of Toronto News: Election 2015: analyzing the foreign policy debate
  13. Maclean’s: Why everyone loves Brampton
  14. Inverse: Why Canadians Are Going Online to Try to Vote ‘Strategically’
  15. The National Post: Study says Canada’s three major parties are fielding more visible minority candidates
  16. Yahoo! News: For many Canadians, election is about one thing: more Stephen Harper?
  17. CTV News: Election Campaign Down to the Wire
  18. University of Toronto News: Election 2015: what just happened – and what’s next for Canada?
  19. The National Post: Canada federal election candidates include more visible minorities in 2015 than in the past four votes
  20. The National Observer: Better luck next time, Mr. Mulcair

Professor Yasmin Dawood:

  1. The New York Times: Stephen Harper of Canada, hoping to extend Conservatives’ hold, calls elections
  2. The National Post: Don’t get any ideas from the U.S.,’ballot selfies’ aren’t allowed in Canada, election officials say
  3. CBC News: Power and Politics

Professor Rodney Haddow:

1. The Toronto Star: Expert warns voters of economic pledges
2. The Toronto Star: Campaign checkup: Here’s what you missed this summer

Professor Lawrence LeDuc:

1. Canadian Press: Mulcair appears hesitant in leaders debate, but keeps ‘Angry Tom’ at bay

Professor Renan Levine:

1. iPolitics: Vote swap group to target close ridings – will it matter?

Professor John Kirton:

1. University of Toronto News: Election 2015: Action needed on climate change, expert says

Professor Peter Loewen:

  1. CBC’s Metro Morning: Election and Economy
  2. Metro News: Adams’ nomination loss reflects poorly on Trudeau: Kenney
  3. CBC News – The Current: Federal election 2015 – Long campaign may not help Harper
  4. CBC News: Inside the Aboriginal Vote in Alberta
  5. The Toronto Star: Nothing wrong with using ‘Justin’, Stephen Harper says
  6. University of Toronto News: Election 2015: Political science expert on the ups and downs of the campaign trail
  7. The Ottawa Citizen: Why issues aren’t that important in election campaigns
  8. CBC News: Will seniors ‘make the difference’ at the polls on election day?
  9. CBC News: Which leader has answered the most questions (so far)?
  10. The Ottawa Citizen: Why Duffy polls could be bad news for the Conservatives
  11. The Ottawa Citizen: Loewen: Do local candidates even matter to voters?
  12. CBC News: Toronto’s 8 closest ridings: Where your vote matters most
  13. The Medium: Are politicians ignoring student voters?
  14. The Mississauga News: Local candidates do have an impact on election: experts
  15. Yahoo! News: Battleground Quebec? The role of La Belle Provence on Oct. 19
  16. Yahoo! News: Paper candidacy of Elizabeth May’s daughter angers Quebec mayor
  17. The Ottawa Citizen: Loewen: Support for Conservatives’ niqab ban is deep and wide, even among immigrants
  18. Yahoo! News: Canada: PM Stephen Harper to ban Muslim niqab for public servants if he wins re-election
  19. The Globe and Mail: How Tories win immigrant votes using anti-immigrant messages
  20. The Ottawa Citizen: Strong support for banning niqabs in public service: study
  21. University of Toronto News: Election 2015: what happens if nobody wins a clear majority?
  22. The Globe and Mail: Advance polls see more than 70-per-cent increase in voter turnout
  23. Global News: 3.6 million Canadians voted in advance polls – 71 per cent higher than 2011
  24. The Globe and Mail: Rhetoric on Muslims finds little backlash
  25. Metro Morning: Why Brampton Matters
  26. The Globe and Mail: Elections Canada tries to allay voting-day lineup concerns
  27. The Hamilton Spectator: Liberals, Conservatives both made most of Canada’s marathon campaign
  28. The Hamilton Spectator: Long campaign has winners, losers
  29. The Ottawa Citizen: Loewen: Campaigns matter, and the polling numbers show why
  30. The Toronto Star: Canadians urged to get out and vote
  31. The New Republic: Canada’s Conservative Party Is a Cautionary Tale for the Republican Party
  32. Bloomberg Business: Carney’s Future May Be Shaped by Trudeau’s Canadian Election Win
  33. University of Toronto News: Election 2015: “If you can make it in Brampton, you can make it anywhere,” says expert
  34. The New York Times: Justin Trudeau Is Expected to Set a Pragmatic, Not Partisan, Course in Canada
  35. The Ottawa Citizen: Loewen: The strategic errors of others — including voters — cemented a Liberal win
  36. The Varsity: Widespread increase in voter turnout for forty-second federal election

Professor Kate Neville:

  1. International Business Times: Keystone XL Pipeline Dead? What Canada’s New Liberal Government Means For Stalled Oil Project

Professor Clifford Orwin:

1. The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Niqab or No Niqab

Professor Peter Russell:

1. Brampton Guardian: Electoral reform may be an idea whose time has come
2. The Hill Times: Harper government’s violation of rule of law should be federal election issue
3. The Ottawa Citizen: Q and A: What to know when the voting is over

Professor Robert Schertzer:

1. The Globe and Mail: Harper risks blowback in attack on premiers

Professor Grace Skogstad:

1. The Hill Times: Supply management, agriculture policy needs to evolve, respond to consumers’ cravings: panel
2. Better Farming: Ag issues missing from election campaign
3. Campaign Politics: Platform 2015 – Agricultural Politics

Professor Erin Tolley:

  1. Vue Weekly: Canada’s federal representation doesn’t reflect Canada’s growing diversity current
  2. The Toronto Star: Parties pigeonhole visible minority candidates
  3. The Hill Times: Some 33 federal ridings with more than 50 per cent visible minority population up for grabs on Oct. 19
  4. Monocle 24 Radio: The Foreign Desk – Canada’s political attack ads
  5. New Canadian Media: Courting the ‘Ethnic Vote’
  6. The Mississauga News: Dechert calm under fire at UTM student debate
  7. CBC News Now: Record Turnout at Advance Polls
  8. CBC News: Canada Votes 2015: After the Vote
  9. The National Post: Canada federal election candidates include more visible minorities in 2015 than in the past four votes

Professor Phil Triadafilopoulos:

1. Global News: Reality Check: Are refugees an economic burden?
2. Heinrich Boell Foundation: Canadian Elections 2015: The Power of the “Ethnic Vote”

Professor Nelson Wiseman:

  1. iPolitics: Blue Liberals might be Harper’s best hope
  2. The Hill Times: Who and what are Canada’s ‘second class citizens’?
  3. The Hill Times: Longer campaign means bigger rebates, Conservatives can spend more on ad blitz in final week.
  4. The Hill Times: ‘Nervous’ Liberals say Trudeau should counter Conservative attack ads hard, now.
  5. CBC News: Conservatives ‘brilliantly gaming this election,’ says professor
  6. Associated Press: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper triggers election campaign ahead of October vote
  7. The Toronto Star: Election 2015: Long campaign has risks, rewards
  8. The National Post: How Stephen Harper’s moves helped create this historical election
  9. Yahoo Canada News: Supercut shows 13 Tory MPs sticking to an eerily similar script
  10. Global News: Is the NDP good for the economy? New poll suggests nearly half of Canadians say yes
  11. Global News: Why an early election helps Stephen Harper
  12. The Toronto Star: Why Donald Sutherland can’t vote and why the fight continues
  13. Zoomer Radio: General Election Talk
  14. The Guardian (UK): Canada may be in recession, PM says in leaders’ debate
  15. Associated Press: PM Harper admitted Canada may be in a recession
  16. Radio Canada International: Leaders debate in federal election campaign 2015
  17. Canadian Press: Front-runner status produces cautious NDP ahead of first debate
  18. CBC News: Federal departments not allowing employees to speak to media
  19. Global News: Canada’s youth tend not to vote, but candidates are trying to convince them anyway
  20. iPolitcs: Details, details: Promising what’s up to the Provinces to deliver
  21. CTV News: Where the Leaders Are
  22. The Toronto Star: Stephen Harper’s re-election bid: The Power and perils of incumbency
  23. The Canadian Jewish News: Is it kosher to invoke the Shoah in politics?
  24. Global News: Harper attacks opponents’ ‘clearly damaging’ policies as stock market tumbles
  25. The London Free Press: London region still tough sell for NDP
  26. CHCH TV: Justin Trudeau in Oakville
  27. CTV News: NDP attacked from both sides
  28. Yahoo News Canada: Will non-political third parties have an influence on the Canadian election?
  29. CTV News: Tom Mulcair attacks Conservatives fiscal record
  30. Embassy: Canada’s Q&A factory: What happens to media questions behind the scenes?
  31. CBC’s Le Telejournal: Emission integrale
  32. City TV News: Two GTA Conservative candidates dropped after bizarre videos emerge
  33. The Hill Times: Is the NDP to the right of the Liberals?
  34. CTV News: Refugee crisis shifts election focus
  35. The Ottawa Citizen: Adam: Just how different would an NDP government be?
  36. CHCH TV: 2 Tory candidates dropped
  37. NewsTalk 1010: Federal Election Desk: Running a campaign in an age of social media
  38. The Toronto Star: Electoral reform back in the spotlight
  39. Al Jazeera: Canadian economy enters recession
  40. Yahoo! News: Canada announces money for refugees, but not taking more in (also published in the Daily Herald)
  41. Ontario News Watch: The Leaders Debates: How Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau can win
  42. Yahoo! News: What Canadians should know about that $1.9 billion surplus announced by Tories
  43. CJAD News: Combative leaders’ debate on the economy
  44. Associated Press: Canada PM admits things aren’t great in Debate
  45. The Hill Times: Conservatives running ‘Timex campaign,’ keep on ticking despite taking a licking
  46. The Tyee: Harper Races Against Cracks Eroding His Base
  47. Global News: More debates with fewer viewers this campaign: Here’s what that means
  48. CBC Metro Morning: Absentee Conservatives?
  49. The Hill Times: GG would invite NDP, Libs to form government if Tories defeated on SFT: Ned Franks
  50. Radio Canada International: Munk Leaders’ debate on Foreign policy a heated success
  51. Houston Chronicle: Canada’s Conservative govt brings up Islam before debate
  52. The Japan Times: Canada’s Conservatives plan hotline for ‘barbaric cultural practices’ by Muslims
  53. The Toronto Sun: Who’s winning the foreign policy battle?
  54. Associated Press: Ex-Premier says Canada PM’s Policies Borderline Racist
  55. Yahoo! News: Can Canada sign onto TPP deal mid-campaign?
  56. CTV News: Analyzing the ‘orange crash’: What’s behind the drop in support for the NDP?
  57. Global News: What do local politicians have to gain from picking sides in the federal election?
  58. Post City Toronto: Two contenders vying to unseat finance minister in Eglinton-Lawrence riding
  59. The Ottawa Citizen: Voting veterans: Angry, organized but not always in accord
  60. The Toronto Star: Surge in Canadians voting in advance
  61. The Canadian Jewish News: Poll shows plurality of CJN readers support Tories
  62. CBC News: GTA and 905 care about same political issues: Vote Compass
  63. The Toronto Star: It won’t always be a Liberal love-in between Ottawa and Queen’s Park
  64. Yahoo! News: Do celebrity endorsements in elections actually make a difference at the polls?
  65. The Canadian Jewish News: Political differences among Jews aren’t new, observers say
  66. The Toronto Star: How long would the honeymoon last?
  67. ABC Australia News: How Canada’s politics are different to Australia’s
  68. The Times Colonist: Son of late PM Pierre Trudeau becomes prime minister as Liberals defeat Harper’s Conservatives
  69. Yahoo! News: ‘Trudeaumania’ heir becomes Canada’s next prime minister
  70. University of Toronto News: Election 2015: what just happened – and what’s next for Canada?
  71. CP24: Trudeau says he will withdraw jets from Islamic State bombing campaign
  72. Reuters: Canada’s new PM Trudeau vows to bring hope, change
  73. CHCH TV: Trudeau: “We’re Back!”
  74. The Brantford Expositor: FEDERAL ELECTION: MP is ready for opposition role
  75. Continuity Insights: Canada to Return to Its Honest Broker Role Under Trudeau
  76. The Varsity: Widespread increase in voter turnout for forty-second federal election

Professor David Wolfe:

1. The Toronto Star: Leaders return to the economy as top election issue
2. The Toronto Star: 44% of voters support Trudeau’s deficit plan, poll finds
3. The Globe and Mail: Canada`s R&D tax breaks can`t replace strategic innovation policy

Departmental Data Library (Partnered with Forum Research):

  1. The Toronto Star: Joe Oliver leading in Eglinton-Lawrence: poll