Summer Timetable

POL305H1F L0101

Introduction to Latin American Politics and Societies


This course offers students a critical introduction to the cultures and politics of Latin America. Our approach will be multi-disciplinary and will consider – among other themes and inquiries – the region's colonial legacy, 19th century caudillismo and republicanism, 20th century developmentalism, and the environmental, social, and economic challenges of the present. Students will also be introduced to a range of issues and debates from Latin American and North Atlantic social science, activist, and critical theory circles on the changing face of state sovereignty and regional integration, indigenous movements, populism, revolution, human rights and civil society, the legacies of (neo)colonialism, neoliberalism, and ‘21st century socialism.’


1.0 credit in POL/ JPA/ JPF/ JPI/ JPR/ JPS/ JRA courses

POL305Y1 or POL360H5 or POLC91H3 or POLC99H3