Summer Timetable

POL381H1F L0101

Topics in Political Theory

Contemporary Political Theory


This course offers an introduction to some of the major themes and perspectives in contemporary political theory. Students will be exposed to a range of authors, topics and styles of argumentation. Readings are drawn from normative, critical, analytic and continental theory traditions. We will discuss the relevance of political theory to the major social and political challenges of the day, as well as questions of method, subject, style and critique in contemporary theory. This course will prepare students to be conversant in multiple domains of contemporary political theory and to navigate competing sides of current debates. Assignments will provide an opportunity for students to engage with more depth and nuance, exploring the perspectives that they find most compelling.



Format and Requirements

Each class session will begin with a lecture, followed by class-discussions and questions; student participation is strongly encouraged. Students should be aware that they are responsible for the materials covered in the lectures as well as the course readings, so consistent attendance at lecture is imperative. Students will be evaluated based on four criteria: an in-class test (30%), two one-page reading reports (15% ), a term paper (45%) and class participation (10%).


POL200Y1 or POL200Y5 or POLC70H3 and POLC71H3