Summer Timetable

POL301Y1Y L0101

Government and Politics in Africa


The course introduces students to the political dynamics of contemporary Africa from independence to the present. It will explore two related dimensions of African politics: first, the process of state formation and nation building from wider theoretical perspectives and second, the origins and nature of the continent’s socio-economic crises and challenges. The course will trace, in national and global contexts, the historical development of the state system and governance on the continent and the development of African economies. The course proceeds to examine particular themes that characterize the nature of contemporary African politics and some important challenges including, but not limited to, democratic transition, identity-based conflicts, foreign relations, contagious diseases, youth politics and gender issues as well as the more recent resumption of growth across the continent.


Course reader including key scholarly publications and required works on government and politics in Africa.

Format and Requirements

A map quiz, two writing assignments and two tests.


1.0 POL credit