Summer Timetable

POL201Y1Y L0101

Politics of Development: Issues and Controversies


This course aims to introduce students to the politics of development in countries of the Global South from WWII to the present. It attempts to provide a balanced mix of current issues and major theoretical approaches to development as well as controversies revolving around the concept and practice of development. It begins with an introduction to the idea of “development,” its ideological roots and how the various theoretical models, international institutions and aid regimes have shaped development strategies of many countries. The course also examines specific problems of the developing world including the politics of regime change, military rule, and the processes of democratization and state-society relations. It also examines a range of development challenges such as ethnonational conflicts, land ownership, Global health determinants, human rights, environmental sustainability, gender equality, and migration.



Format and Requirements

Two lectures and one tutorial per week or as available. Term test (25%), essay (35%), final examination (30%) and attendance and participation (10%).


1.0 POL credit or 4.0 full course equivalents

POLB90H3 or POLB91H3