Summer Timetable

POL417Y1Y L0101

Global South in International Politics


This course endeavors to enhance participants’ understanding of a group of nations classified as the Global South and their role and challenges in contemporary international politics. It will examine the domestic political dynamic of these states influencing their development and foreign policies as well as the increasing voice of emerging countries in global politics. In the first half, the course will analyze the evolving nature of North-South relations and the prospects of South-South cooperation including dependency and interdependence, foreign aid, international trade, globalization and the debt crisis as well as specific regimes such as human rights, environmental politics, infectious disease and the UN system around which these relations revolve. In the second half, it will address (in) security in the Global South by studying the root causes and implications of numerous civil wars and the role of foreign powers/international actors in preventing, mitigating, managing or exacerbating them as well as the process of conflict resolution and peace-building in broader theoretical and empirical contexts.



Format and Requirements

Bi-weekly seminar, book review (20%), essay (25%), final essay (40%) and participation/attendance (15%).


POL201Y1 or (POLB90H3, POLB91H3) or POL208Y1 or POL208Y5 or (POLB80H3, POLB81H3) or POL215Y1