Summer Timetable

POL222H1F L5101

Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning I


This course introduces students to the underlying ideas and methods of ‘science’ and how some questions about politics can be approached by similar means. We will be covering principles of research design and the concepts underpinning statistical inference, building up to reading statistical reports. The course emphasises being able to understand the kinds of descriptive and inferential statistics presented in almost all professional and policymaking jobs, and demonstrates that understanding where they come from can help us all make better decisions.

No mathematical background beyond elementary-school arithmetic and familiarity with simple graphs is required.



Format and Requirements

Two lectures/labs per week with regular tutorials. The course will be assessed by two class tests and interpretation of a research paper, plus small quizzes and tutorial participation.


1.0 POL Credit

POL242Y1 or POL242Y5 or POL322H1