Fall/Winter Timetable

POL341H1F L0101

Canada and the Global Challenge since 9/11, Part II: The WTO


The course deals with the political economy of Canada's position in the world trading system. Starting with a consideration of globalization (understood as the economic forces driving the integration of capital, production, and distribution markets) and global governance (the institutional structures and rules established to manage countries' international economic behaviour), we will focus on how the World Trade Organization affects Canada's autonomy over cultural, economic and environmental policies at home and Canadians' capacity to affect developments abroad.


Stephen Clarkson, Uncle Sam and Us: Globalization, Neo-conservatism, and the Canadian State (UTP, 2002).

Format and Requirements

One book report (10%), one essay outline (15%), one essay (50%), one test (25%).


ECO 100Y or 105Y


POL214Y1 / POL224Y1