Fall/Winter Timetable

POL318H1F L0101

Canada and the Global Challenge Since 9/11, Part I: NAFTA


This course deals with the political economy of Canada's present position in North America. Starting with Harold Innis's theory of staple growth and the debate about the role of foreign investment in its economic (mis)development, we will examine how, having long resisted complete continental economic integration, Canada turned to free trade as a panacea in the 1980s. The course will end with an investigation of Canadian public policy options in the aftermath of NAFTA, September 11, 2001, and the new Security and Prosperity Partnership.


Stephen Clarkson, Uncle Sam and Us: Globalization, Neo-conservatism, and the Canadian State (UTP, 2002) plus a compendium of' readings.

Format and Requirements

One book report (10%), one essay outline (15%), one essay (50%), one test (25%).


ECO 100Y or 105Y


POL101Y1 / POL214Y1 / POL224Y1