Fall/Winter Timetable

POL305Y1Y L5101

Politics and Society in Latin America


This course offers students a critical introduction to the culture and politics of Latin American development taking into account the region's colonial legacy, 19th century caudillismo and republicanism, and 20th century developments. The first semester provides an historical and theoretical overview of Latin America's principal problems and challenges. In the second semester, students focus on Latin America in the post-war period, examining a selection of political themes (populism, corporatism, revolution, neoliberalism, human rights, indigenous movements, civil society) in particular country-specific contexts. The course concludes by examining the possibilities of Latin American development in light of the most recent problems and experiences with "democratic consolidation" in the context of globalization.

Format and Requirements

Two term tests and two essays.


1.0 POL credit

POL C91H3 or POL C99H3 or POL360H5