Fall/Winter Timetable

POL207Y1Y L0101

Politics in Europe


The course provides an introduction to European politics, society, and the processes of European integration. It is organized into four sections. The first analyzes national institutions in the ‘big three’ European states – the United Kingdom, Germany, and France – and reflects on the ways in which these contrasting institutional configurations structure politics. The second examines the world’s most advanced international regime, the European Union (the EU), through which member states have harmonized policies, eliminated barriers to the movement of goods and people, and pooled or transferred sovereignty. The third considers Europe’s emergent foreign policy, its relationship(s) with the United States, and the effects of EU enlargement. The final section devotes attention to hotly debated issues in contemporary European politics: immigration, citizenship, and integration; anti-Semitism and the legacy of Vichy in France.


General history of Europe


1.0 POL credit or EUR 200Y1