Fall/Winter Timetable

POL381H1F L0101

Topics in Political Theory

Realist Political Theory


A survey of both historical and contemporary work in the “realist” tradition of political thinking.


Texts to include Machiavelli, The Prince; Hobbes, Leviathan; Hamilton, Madison, and Jay, The Federalist; Weber, The Vocation Lectures; and contemporary work by Raymond Geuss, Judith Shklar, and Bernard Williams.

Format and Requirements

Two hours of virtual instruction (including short lectures, discussion, and pre-distributed material) per week. Tentative assignments: two short (ca. 1500 words) papers and an end-of-term exam, plus short (300 word) response papers on the readings, graded CR/NCR, every three weeks.


POL200Y1 or POL200Y5 or (POLC70H3 and POLC71H3)