Fall/Winter Timetable

POL487H1S L0301

Graduate Course Code: POL2206H1S L0301

Topics in International Politics II

The Planet’s Last Frontiers: Governance of Antarctica, Oceans and Outer Space


This course will examine the law, politics and environmental challenges surrounding three parts of the Earth that belong to no one (i.e. res nullius): Antarctica, the high seas (and a variety of associated environmental issues) and outer space. We ask several questions related to each of these areas:1) What environmental threats do they face?
2) How have these threats been addressed – both through international environmental law, and other policy approaches?
3) Have these approaches been successful, and why or why not? We review the history and mechanics of international environmental law to understand the tools available to manage these areas, and then investigate each area in detail to understand current management practices and challenges. We will then turn to the legal and political responses.

Format and Requirements



POL208H1 or POL208Y1 or POL209H5 or POLB80H3