Fall/Winter Timetable

POL487H1S L0201

Topics in International Politics II

International Terrorism and Insurgency


What motivates a terrorist? When do people resort to various forms of unconventional political participation, such as protests or terrorist attacks against the state? Under what conditions will such actions lead to changes in state behavior? What are successful counterterrorism or counter-insurgency strategies? The course introduces students to the scientific explanations for the causes and consequences of various types of non-state political violence, such as terrorism, insurgencies, political protests, and civil war. More broadly, the course will help foster students’ ability to apply the social scientific method to the study of political outcomes. As such, this is not a history class or a class on current events. Though current events and historical examples will be discussed, the course will primarily focus on understanding the underlying interests of important actors, the arenas in which those actors interact, and the rules which govern these interactions.

Format and Requirements

Regular homework, final project.


POL208H1 or POL208Y1 or POL209H5 or POLB80H3