Fall/Winter Timetable

POL341H1S L5101

International Law: Operation of the International Legal Order


This course will expose students to the operation of international legal order with respect to the use of armed force, the law of armed conflict, and the protection of human rights. Students will also be introduced to how dispute settlement works between states.


Mill, On Liberty; Hegel, Philosophy of Right; Marx, “On the Jewish Question,” The German Ideology, Communist Manifesto; Nietzsche, Genealogy of Morality; Gandhi, Hind Swaraj

Format and Requirements

Essay; Final Exam


It is highly recommended that students take POL340H1(International Law: Foundations) before taking this course.


POL208H1 or POL208Y1 or POL209H5 or POLB80H3

POL340Y1 or POL340Y5 or POLC38H3