Fall/Winter Timetable

POL303H1S L0101

Women in Western Political Thought


This course offers an introduction to key women thinkers and writers (or writers on the condition of women) largely within the Western traditions of political thought. Thinkers to be studied may include: Sappho, Christine de Pizan, Mary Astell, Margaret Cavendish, Claire de Duras, Mary Wollstonecraft, Maria Stewart, John Stuart Mill, and a sample of early-modern indigenous woman’s writing.

PLEASE NOTE: POL303H1S is dual delivery, online synchronous.


PHL265H1 or POL200Y1 or POL200Y5 or (POLC70H3 and POLC71H3)

JPP343H1 or JPP343Y1 or POLC76H3 or POLC77H3