Fall/Winter Timetable

POL438H1F L0101

Topics in Comparative Politics I

Political Economy of East Asian Development


The second half of 20th century East Asia is defined in large part by a select number of “miracle” economies. Who are these countries and how did they realize sustained, high economic growth rates? This course will closely examine the political and economic development of capitalism in East Asia, focusing on Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, with comparisons to other East Asian economies (e.g., Hong Kong and Singapore) and non-East Asian countries, where appropriate. Particular focus will be given to the rise (and fall) of the “developmental state,” especially as it relates to government-business, capital-labour, and state-society relationships.

Format and Requirements

Students will read widely across the political economy literature and pen weekly critical responses, in addition to writing a research proposal and research paper.


2.0 POL courses in comparative politics OR permission of the instructor