Fall/Winter Timetable

POL334H1S L0101

Ontario and Quebec Politics


This course is a comparative study of politics in Canada’s two largest provinces. After an examination of the historical origins of political life in Ontario and Quebec, it explores similarities and differences between these jurisdictions in a number of domains including immigration and multiculturalism policies; their welfare states, the extent of their state intervention in the economy, the size of their provincial governments and their relationships with Ottawa.

PLEASE NOTE: POL334H1S is dual delivery, online synchronous.



Format and Requirements

One two-hour lecture per week. Course requirements TBA.


POL214Y1 or POL214Y5 or POLB50Y3 or POL224Y1

POL334H1 or POL334Y1 or POL336H1 or POL 336Y1 (taken before 2012-2013) or POLC55H3