Fall/Winter Timetable

POL223H1S L0101

Globalization and Development: Issues and Challenges


This course examines the policies and practice of development in an age of globalization with a focus on the Global south. Through theoretical paradigms latest thinking, it critically explores the globalization debate (globalizers vs opponents) and its implication for socio-economic development broadly defined. As part of that, it examines the process of democratization in the world of different regime types and political cultures and universalizing of human rights. It examines the root causes of ethno-religious based conflicts and their impacts on the political stability, economy and human security. It also addresses the role of foreign aid and NGOs, migration in poverty alleviation as well as the endeavor of achieving environmental sustainability and fighting against infectious diseases in a more integrated and liberalized world and the increasing role of women and civil society in politics and development. In so doing, it will bring to light both the opportunities and challenges of globalization.



Format and Requirements

An In-class test, participation and Reseach essay


4.0 credits including 1.0 POL credit