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POL107H1F L5101

What Went Wrong? A Post Mortem of Political Disasters, Catastrophic Policy Failures, and Epic Marches of Folly


Why do individuals, groups, and societies continue to be the source of catastrophes they could have seen coming? This course explores the record of avoidable disasters across different levels of analysis, from the local to the international, in an attempt to answer this question. While investigating 'What Went Wrong?' students will be introduced to core political science theories and basic social science research skills.

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Format and Requirements


POL486H1 (Topics in International Politics I: What Went Wrong? A Post Mortem of Political Disasters, Policy Failures and Marches of Folly), offered in Winter 2019 and Winter 2020; POL487H1 (Topics in International Politics II: Offered in Winter 2018)