Fall/Winter Timetable

POL496H1S L0101

Independent Studies

Course Description

Independent Study courses are arranged by senior undergraduate students who wish to pursue a detailed research project under individual supervision. Departmental registration is required.

Complete an Independent Studies application form, available from the Undergraduate Office or the Departmental website (www.politics.utoronto.ca), and return it to Room 3027 SSH by the first day of class.

Only students who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply:

(1) You must have completed introductory courses in the area in which you wish to conduct your research;

(2) None of the current Departmental course offerings should cover the materials you wish to study;

(3) There must be a Faculty member from the Department of Political Science who has
expertise in the area and who is willing to supervise your course of study;

(4) You must not have previously completed an Independent Studies course through this Department.

Students are not entitled to take more than 1.0 FCE Independent Studies course in Political Science.