Fall/Winter Timetable

POL493H1S L0101

Graduate Course Code: POL2893H1S L0101

Topics in Politics I

Writing About Politics


How does literature help us understand politics and justice? Is there a tension between literary and political goals and how have writers handled this tension? How can we convey our political ideas using narrative techniques? This class will explore these questions by examining political themes in a range of literary works (historical fiction, memoire, literary non-fiction, science fiction). In this course, students will learn about the conventions of these genres, and they will also have the opportunity to write an original piece in one of the genres.


Required readings include books and essays by George Orwell, James Baldwin, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Zadie Smith, Kafka, and Dostoevsky.

Format and Requirements

One two-hour seminar per week. This course combines the academic analysis of political writing with the workshop method employed in creative writing courses.