Fall/Winter Timetable

POL441H1S L0101

Graduate Course Code: POL2411H1S L0101

Topics in Asian Politics

Rebellion and Insurgency: Cases from South Asia


The general theme of this course is to understand the origins, dynamics, and processes of political violence, in particular one type of political violence, called civil wars or insurgencies, which is a conflict between a state and at least one armed non state actor within its territory. These theories are then applied to cases of insurgency in India, Pakistan and Nepal in South Asia.


All readings from articles which will have links in the syllabus or from books which will be in the reserved section of library.

Format and Requirements

Class participation (40%), Presentation (10%), Short memo on movies/ documentary (10 %), Research Paper (10% for proposal and 30% for final paper = 40%).


POL208Y1Y - Introduction to International Relations
POL222H1F - Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning I
POL232H1S - Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning II
POL328Y1Y - Politics and Government in South Asia


POL201H1 or POL201Y1 or POLB90H3 or POLB91H3