Fall/Winter Timetable

POL384H1S L0101

Global Environmental Governance from the Ground Up


With a focus on citizens, non-governmental organizations, corporations, and grassroots collectives, this course uses analytic tools from international relations and comparative politics to understand patterns of environmental protest and resistance over time. Through scholarly and popular readings, students will examine the ways in which individuals and communities are inspired (or provoked) to take action, strategies they use to voice concern and effect change, and divisions within and across social groups. Further, topics of study include the tactics and limits of activism, the role of the private sector, divisions between violent and non-violent forms of protest, and the legal and ethical judgments that arise in environmental activism. Drawing on case studies of protests and social movements from around the world, this course allows students to move beyond borders and states in understanding global environmental governance. A central goal of the course is to engage and empower students as citizens and scholars.



Format and Requirements



1.0 credit in POL/ JPA/ JPF/ JPI/ JPR/ JPS/ JRA courses at the 200+ level