Fall/Winter Timetable

POL316Y1Y L5101

Contemporary Canadian Federalism


This course examines the operation of Canadian federalism within a historical and comparative perspective. In the first semester we examine some important theoretical and institutional issues in the study of Canadian federalism, such as the relationship between federalism and parliamentary democracy and the role of the courts. This prepares the way for a review of the evolution of federalism, from Confederation through the era of classical federalism to the post-WWII welfare state, finally arriving at the neo-liberal moment. In the second semester we will survey intergovernmental policy processes and substantive policy issues in a number of areas, such as economic policy, national unity, fiscal federalism, health care, and the environment.



Format and Requirements



POL214Y1 or POL214Y5 or POLB50Y3 or POL224Y1

POLC54H3 or POLC57H3 or POL316Y5 or POL353Y5