Fall/Winter Timetable

POL494H1F L5101

Topics in Politics II

Citizenship -Renewing Civic Engagement


This Course offers a novel way of deploying the discipline of Political Science by exploring the alleged deficits in Canadian citizenship, which is a responsibility as much as a right. How might citizens and governments acquire the art of politics: getting to “yes” among advocates who disagree? The student will be exposed to diagnostic techniques, policy analysis and policy advice, stakeholder mappings, briefing notes, reporting to a fictitious Minister, in-community visits, and coaching from community leaders. The results will develop your job-readiness -- acquiring skills which could be offered to an NGO/NPO or civil service such as: full analysis of an Issue; approaches to remedy it; evaluation of expected and unexpected results; presentation to harried executives; and accommodation of those who differ


3 POL credits: minimum 14 credits