Fall/Winter Timetable

POL361H1F L5101

Global Political Economy I: History and Theory


This course challenges the separation of global politics and economics. We explore the economic aspects of global politics and political aspects of economics. We begin by situating the field of Global Political Economy as distinct from International Relations and International Economics. We will then explore several theoretical approaches to understanding the global political economy. Subsequent classes survey, in a historical manner, key issues related to development and the environment before turning to global production, labour, trade, and finance. The course concludes by contemplating the governance of the global political economy and its possible future directions. The course emphasises a theoretically and historically-informed understanding of the development, functioning, and trajectory of the global political economy. Although part of the political science curriculum, the content covered is relevant to students of business and economics, geography and history, cultural studies and sociology, amongst others.


O’Brien, Robert and Marc Williams. 2016. Global Political Economy: Evolution and Dynamics, 5th edition. New York: Palgrave

Format and Requirements



1.0 POL credit; ECO100Y1 or (ECO101H1, ECO102H1) or ECO105Y1

POL370H1 or POL370Y1 or POLC69H3