Fall/Winter Timetable

POL446H1F L0101

Graduate Course Code: POL2007H1F L0101

20th-Century Political Thought


According to Max Horkheimer, the distinguishing characteristic of critical theory is its emphasis on human emancipation. This course provides an overview of some of the key works in critical theory. We will read classic texts associated with the Frankfurt school (Benjamin, Adorno, Horkheimer) as well as more contemporary theorists influenced by this approach (Habermas, Honneth, Fraser). We will discuss the following topics: the relationship between history, social science and normative theory; the critical potential of popular culture and aesthetics; and the legacy of Marxism.



Format and Requirements

One two-hour seminar per week. Course requirements TBA.


POL200Y1 or POL200Y5 or (POLC70H3 & POLC71H3)