Fall/Winter Timetable

POL343Y1Y L0101

Politics of Global Governance


The concept of global governance has grown in importance during the last two decades. It pertains to the emergence of an international society, in which states and other international actors increasingly must make collective decisions on how to address global problems and issues. We will start by examining what drives the current demand for global governance structures. We will identify and explore some of the contested concepts of global governance, while getting equipped with the theoretical tools to study the phenomenon. The various concepts of global governance will be applied to a number of policy issues, such as state and human security, trade and finance, environment, and corporate social responsibility. In examining our case studies we will focus on the effectiveness of global governance as well as how its form, authority, power, and constitutive origins determine the success or failure of international initiatives.



Format and Requirements

Midterm test (30%); research essay (30%); final exam (40%).