Fall/Winter Timetable

POL101Y1Y L0101

Democracy, Dictatorship, War and Peace: An Introduction


This course examines politics through the lens of the “global.” Students will be exposed to the study of comparative politics as well as international relations. Political theory will animate the discussions. What would Marx and Smith have to say about the current global economic crisis? How would Plato, Weber, and Huntington react to the democratic transitions and reversals of the past decade? What would Confucius think about Chinese capitalism? What does Thucydices have to teach us about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Are we really seeing the death of the welfare state or even the nation-state? Why have Brazil and Uganda been successful at stemming the HIV/AIDS crisis there, but other countries have failed miserably? These are the sorts of questions students will contemplate.



Format and Requirements

One two-hour lecture per week; tutorials roughly every other week. Course requirements TBA.

POL 103Y1 or POL 105Y1 or POL 108Y1 or POLA01H3 or POLA02H3 or any POL 100-level POL course with the exception of AP, IB, CAPE, or GCE transfer credits