Fall/Winter Timetable

JPS315H1F L5101

LGBTQ Politics


An interdisciplinary course examining the development of social and political visibility by gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and the transgendered over the course of the last four decades, and an analysis of public policy on sexual diversity in Canada, the U.S., Europe, and various parts of the global south. Among the questions to be addressed are: What stimulated the development of political movements mobilizing around sexual orientation issues? What recent changes have been evident in the treatment of sexual diversity in the news media, the arts, and popular culture? What state policy response has there been in such areas as violence, equality rights, schooling, family rights, and health care? In all such questions, gender, race/ethnic, and social class differences will be considered, both in the character of social movements, and in changes in attitudes and policy.



Format and Requirements

Three hours of class per week, in 2 one-and-a-half hour slots, lecture or seminar format depending on class size. Use will be made of guest speakers and audio-visual materials. Requirements will include one major essay, one mid-term test, a final exam and perhaps an additional short exercise/assignment.


SDS255H1/ SDS256H1/ UNI255H1/ UNI256H1/1.0 credit on the politics of 20th century Europe, U.S., or Canada/1.0 credit on gender or sexuality/permission of the instructor